Who We Are &

What We Do


At Video Generation, we’re not just a conduit for music distribution; we are the force that catapults independent artists and labels into global recognition. We amplify your voice, ensuring it reverberates across continents.

We have everything



Tailored Artist Strategies

Unique plans to elevate your music and brand, ensuring you stand out.

New Talent Development

We identify, nurture, and mentor emerging artists, offering a springboard for their musical journey.

Label Empowerment

A robust toolkit and global networking opportunities to propel independent labels to international fame.

Swift Global Distribution

Quick and efficient distribution of your music to over 150+ global platforms.

Our Team of Experts Go Above and Beyond


Our commitment is to you and your music. With a diverse set of skills, our team ensures you get the best in the industry.


Research & Analysis

We study the market to position your music optimally.


Visual & Audio Branding

Creating a compelling visual and auditory narrative for your music.


Efficient Distribution

Timely and far-reaching distribution of your music.


Ongoing Support

Consistent support to help you navigate the complex music industry.